Hyppe Max Flow 5000 Puff Disposable Review

If you’re looking for a portable e-cigarette that offers a great deal of flavor and is easy to use, the Hyppe Max Flow 5000 Puff is the perfect choice. It features a 5000-puff capacity, a long-lasting battery, and a sleek design. This is definitely the vape you’ve been waiting for!

Battery life

If you’re looking for a new vape to replace your old faithful, check out the Hyppe Max Flow. This is a vape that comes in at least ten flavors, and you can pick your nicotine strength, and you can even recharge it! The device boasts a long battery life of around 10 hours, and it’s only for people 21 years and older. It’s a lot of fun, and the Hyppe brand has been around for quite some time. So it’s no surprise that this company is a cult favorite. Having tested a number of their wares, I’m pleased to report that they make a good product. You can get one by visiting VapeRanger Wholesale.

Hyppe’s new flagship product, the Max Flow, is a bit on the large side, but it’s no slouch in the battery department. It boasts an impressive 650 mAh battery, which should last you a solid 10 hours of rabid vaping. To keep you vaping all day long, the device boasts a mesh coil, which does a surprisingly good job of heating your e-juice. Among its other features, you’ll find a USB port and a micro USB connector.


The Hyppe Max 5000 Puff Disposable is one of the most popular disposable devices on the market today. It’s a high quality, durable vape that delivers a smooth, warm draw and delicious flavors. You can pick up a pack of these vapes for $15-16. Buying a pack of these devices gives you approximately 5,000 puffs, which is a lot of vapor!

Unlike other vapes, the Hyppe Max 5000 is designed to be easy to use and provide a long-lasting battery. It’s lightweight, durable and comfortable to hold. There are no flat sides to worry about, so it can fit comfortably in your hand and palm. This is especially helpful for beginner vapers.

The 5000 has a 650 mAh battery, which is rechargeable. The device also features a mesh coil for an intense draw and optimal clouds. The battery will last about 10 hours of continuous use. A blue LED light will indicate when it’s time to recharge.


The Hyppe max air is the newest member of the vape family. Its features include a Type-C connection, a 650 mAh battery and the impressive looking 13ml electric juice tank. Despite its diminutive size, it can produce thick clouds and the impressive looking smoke. Best of all, its design is user friendly. As a result, you can spend hours doing a bit of vaping without having to worry about your battery. If you are looking for a high-powered vape that packs a punch, you should definitely check out the Hyppe Max Air. Featuring a hefty dose of the most impressive and noteworthy technology, this device has got you covered.

With the Hyppe Max Air, you will be able to enjoy a memorable, unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and elated. Whether you are in the market for an upscale vape to snag your wife’s attention, or simply in the market for a quality nicotine fix, the Hyppe Max Air has got you covered.

Ease of use

Hyppe Max Air 5000 is a great disposable vape. It’s compact, light and offers a powerful draw. The device also comes in a range of delicious flavors. If you’re looking for a disposable e-cigarette that will last you all day, this is the one for you.

Hyppe has a reputation for excellent research, product development and craftsmanship. They’re known for producing award-winning e-juice. Their latest device, the Max Air, is the first of its kind in the vape world.

While the Max Air is designed to last a long time, it’s also very user-friendly. Thanks to an innovative design and a responsive draw sensor, the device makes taking a draw easy.

The battery has a large 650mAh capacity. This makes the device ideal for long periods of use. As such, it also features a Type-C charging port. Using this port, you can recharge the device in just 30 minutes.


Hyppe Max Flow is a disposable e-cigarette that has a huge variety of flavors. It’s also portable and can be taken anywhere. The device has a long battery life and a convenient design.

HYPPE MAX Flow comes with a 900mAh integrated battery. Each device can produce up to 2000 puffs of e-juice. This is a great device for people who enjoy vaping and want a high capacity device. However, the large battery can sacrifice durability and cloud production.

Aside from a large battery capacity, Hyppe Max Flow offers a variety of flavors. Watermelon Freeze is a bold watermelon flavor that is full-bodied with icy notes.

Other popular flavors include Lush Freeze, which is an ice-flavored e-juice. Naked, which is a flavor that is perfect for icy taste lovers, has a very light cooling note.